Discovering Umbria

Discover the surroundings of Antico Casale Urbani

I want to surprise you! I want to give you pristine landscapes, art, traditions, testimonies of a millenary culture... I want to give you Umbria!

The mighty facade of the Cathedral of Spoleto with the rose windows and the Cuspidato bell tower, the breathtaking spectacle of the Marmore Falls, one of the highest in Europe: 165 meters, divided into three jumps. Montefalco and its fine wines, Norcia the black truffle and IGP ham and then again Castelluccio, in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park which includes one of the most beautiful plateaus in central Italy, rich in biodiversity, many of which are 'extinction.
The Renaissance with the works of Perugino and Pinturicchio. The Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi with the frescoes (1200 - 1300) by Cimabue and Giotto.

Marmore waterfalls - Ferentillo - Scheggino - Cascia - Norcia - Castelluccio di Norcia

Gym? No, thanks… I prefer to play sports in Valnerina. Trekking, biking and rafting, to rediscover physical sprint and tranquillity.

Marmore Falls: inserted in the Nera River Park, with its 165 meters of height divided into three jumps, it is the highest in Europe. The tourist-excursion area is crossed by paths that offer panoramic views and allow you to reach the heart of the waterfall via ladders and bridges, where the Nera river welcomes the spectacular Velino plunge.

Proceeding by car or bike towards Spoleto you reach Ferentillo, inside the Romanesque crypt of the church of Santo Stefano in the small town, some mummies discovered in 1805 are preserved, there are about twenty mummified bodies. The miraculous preservation of the corpses is due to the dry atmosphere of the basements, combined with the action of particular microorganisms.

The itinerary to discover Umbria leads us to Scheggino which houses the Activo Park, the largest theme park in Umbria dedicated to outdoor activities, from hiking to ecological games, from courses to teaching, from mountain sports to walks in the nature, emotions and guaranteed fun for adults and children.

Tradition and Culture

Discovering the Antico Casale Urbani