The story begins around the 40’s, with the division of family land among brothers Urbani, assets divided 70 years ago are still part of the farm.


A few years after subdivision, due to an unfortunate historical event, is missing the owner Alberino, his wife Agatha receives in this way the burden and the honor of administering all the properties.

Agata with sacrifice and passion will carry on the company over the years, first taking care of sharecropping and the settlers and then trying to stem the movement of settlers to the big cities and the abandonment of lands in the dark years of agriculture.

During ’90 years, following his death, the company is managed by his sons Arturo Piergiorgio, called Giorgio, and Graziana Urbani, and after division all property goes to son.
In these years Alberino, eldest son of Giorgio, thanks to the passion that he has been given since childhood and love that always links the family to their properties, begins to restore some unused land, particularly land of Case St. Peter, abandoned by about 1960. The wonderful works of restoration have resulted in a truffle seedlings plant and to resume production of cereals and fodder.


Following the death of Giorgio, in early 2000, with the support of his wife Vania,there is another transformation of the company, realizing the project of renovation of the farms of Montoro and Scheggino, formally started in 2003 and completed in 2008.
Thus began the renovation of facilities and technologies used for high quality products with production costs balanced and in line with the idea agrarian, everything in nature is recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Production activities

The farm, which is linked to agritouristic companies, is divided into three distinct geographical areas for the climate, height above sea level and the diversity of flora, Monte Santo Pietro, Case Campore, Case Corviano.

Monte Santo Pietro:
On a surface of about 120 hectares, is practiced herding sheep and goats in the wild. In these soils there is a strong presence of “pianelli” or hollow truffle, producing black truffle in winter and “scorzone” in summer. Our guests enjoy the truffle hunting excursions and they love to enjoy them at the Inn. The tours also include the search for the herbs to prepare the so-called “salad”; saprosella, chicory, mastrici, raponzoli, caccialepri, wild asparagus, strigoli, juniper berries and wild fruit.

Case Corviano:
The total area of production is 17 acres. 10 acres are dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil and the other 7 for growing grain, wheat, sunflower and faba beans. It is located on Amerini Hills, which extend from Orte to Orvieto, in one of the most suitable areas of Umbria to achieve a high quality product.

Case Campore:
In Case Campore, on an area of 24 hectares, production is specific to feed all the animals of the farm, fields entirely sown with lucerne and seed mixture. Are seeded legumes, lentils and barley, which are then used in tastings at the Roadhouse. The animals are pigs and domestic animals such as chickens, rabbits, ducks, donkeys, turkeys and guinea fowl. This little animal farm is open to children with specific activities on site.



The Truffle – is sought in the land of the properties in the area of Casale di Scheggino. Black truffle and winter truffle in the period between December and March while the Summer Truffle said scorzone in the period from June to August.
Oil – is collected for almost its entire area of Casale di Montoro in the period between November and January, cold pressing. For the most part used in the tasting at the Casale di Scheggino.
Farro and lentils – are grown in the immediate vicinity of Casale di Scheggino, harvested in August.
The pork products – ham, salami, sausages, bacon, coppa, Lombello, capocollo are manufactured and bagged in the period from December to January, in the Hamlet of Scheggino.
The butcher – Production of fresh meat for tasting in Locanda, ribs, fresh sausages, pork and beef barbecue.


They are part of the farm: pigs, sheeps, goats, cows, donkeys, ducks, hens, rooster, chickens, rabbits, guinea fowl and turkeys.

Most of these are bred for their meat and are the delicacies of the menu of the Inn!

Others are part of the family, much to be the protagonists of the activities organized at Casale as “The Little Farm,” where adults and children are involved in farming activities.



“The Podere”
Bruschetta with Olive Oil
Bruschetta with Truffle of Monte Santo Pietro
1 cup of red wine

“The Valnerina”
Sampling of cold cuts we produce
Homemade focaccia
1 cup of red wine

“The flavors of the farm”
Sampling of cold cuts we produce
Homemade focaccia
Bruschetta with Olive Oil
Bruschetta with Truffle of Monte Santo Pietro
1 cup of red wine

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