Our facilities are located in the lower part of Umbria.
The Antico Casale Urbani is situated in the heart of Valnerina in Scheggino, towards Le Marche and the Podere Urbani is located in the Amerini hills, between Montoro, Narni and Amelia, towards Lazio.
Despite the minimum distance of 40 km, these two areas are climatically different and offer two great-looking scenery. The landscape of Valnerina typically intense blue-green, which finds its highest expression in the autumn when the maples glow red, purple and yellow, as opposed to the bright hills of the Colli Amerini in spring with warm colors, the yellow of sunflowers, brown earth and green olives.

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The Valnerina, is the valley of Nera River, which rises in the Sibillini Mountains near Norcia, through Scheggino in the mountainous area of low Umbria to meet the Marmore Falls, and from there reach Terni, flows into the Tiber to Rome.

Valnerina, an outdoor gym!

It offers numerous safe trails and walks to relax on foot, by mountain bike or horseback riding, outdoor activities such as rafting and archery, and for the most daring paragliding and hang gliding. The oaks, beeches, meadows, villages and trails will delight you with beautiful landscapes.


The name derives from the position in which it arose under a rock, in fact, the word fragment indicates boulder or large rock chipped from which Scheggino “tiny sliver”.

The castle Scheggino born when the first agricultural settlements in the area moved to the hills surrounding the valley of the Nera, following the Saracen raids. From the tower that stands out among the green trees, Scheggino offers an exciting spectacle of the Nera River which flows slowly in a natural garden, the Valnerina.
It rises 281 m.s.l.m. covers an area of 35.17 sq km and has about five hundred inhabitants, schegginesi.

Colli Amerini

Of great beauty is the landscape of Amerino, consisting of gentle rolling hills and bright, colorful by the many plants that grow there.
The ridge that runs through the territory of Amelia, is a hill complex, which reaches its maximum altitude in the mountain of Serra Cross at 1000 m asl. This whole area is characterized by a harmonious succession of natural landscapes that seem authentic frescoes.
Right here in the mid-way between Narni and Amelia, a dip towards the valley and a jump down the hill, stands on the ruins of an ancient manor house the Podere Urbani …


AMELIA – Castled on top of a rocky hill between the valleys of the Tiber and the Nera, Amelia is one of the most interesting historical centers in southern Umbria. In town, surrounded by mighty walls polygonal, eras and styles are combined with the original results and high quality environment, witnessing the seasons of art and architecture from Roman times to the eighteenth century.
NARNI – Narni, a beautiful city full of history castled on an outcropping of limestone rock overlooking the Nera River. Considered the geographic center of Italy, the surface retains a rich heritage accumulated over three hundred years of history, and in the subsurface reveals the past of an entire region, from the Etruscans to the Middle Ages, through the Romans. All the surrounding area is characterized by a harmonious succession of natural landscapes that seem authentic frescoes. The hills that slope down towards the Tiber valley is covered with Mediterranean scrub and secular holm oak.

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The nature of the place encourages outdoor sports practiced at various levels of commitment, they offer unique experiences that combine fun, wellness and adventure together.


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Attività Sport Umbria 1
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Umbria is a land that you should understand, for its multiple and sometimes unexpected wealth.
It ‘a land of tradition between spirituality and love for the taste and flavor, the care of a past that has its roots in art and popular culture. To guide us are the flavors, tastes, smells that only in these areas you can find, those products of Umbria: Norcia‘s traditional products, truffles, olive oil and wine that were dedicated even two “roads”, through which we can not only enjoy the best of these “jewels” of the land and enjoy the sights and scenery otherwise hidden, not less cereals, legumes and vegetables that make the Umbrian table one of the most sought and like.

Events and entertainment

Settimana internazionale della danza
Spoleto (Pg) – 7 / 12 Aprile

Primavera in Valnerina Sant’Anatolia di Narco
1 Maggio

Festival Internazionale del Giornalismo
Perugia – 30 Aprile / 4 Maggio

Terni – 24 Aprile / 24 Maggio

Festa dei Ceri
Gubbio (Pg) – 15 Maggio

Celebrazioni Ritiane
Cascia (Pg) – 21 / 22 Maggio

Giostra della Quintana
Foligno (Pg) – prima metà di Giugno

Infiorate del Corpus Domini
Spello (Pg) – 21 / 22 Giugno

Il Mercato delle Gaite Bevagna (Pg)
19 / 29 Giugno

Festival dei Due Mondi Spoleto (Pg)
27 Giugno / 13 Luglio

Umbria Jazz
Perugia 11 / 20 Luglio

Segni Barocchi Festival Foligno (Pg)
fine Agosto / Settembre

Giostra della Quintana – La rivincita Foligno (Pg)

I Primi d’Italia
Foligno (Pg) – 25 / 28 Settembre

Celebrazioni in onore di San Francesco
Assisi (Pg) – 03 / 04 Ottobre

Eurochocolate Perugia
17 / 26 Ottobre

Mostra Mercato dello zafferano purissimo
Cascia Cascia (Pg) fine Ottobre / Novembre

Albero di Gubbio Gubbio (Pg)
07 Dicembre 2012 / 09 Gennaio